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The 2.0 motorcycle

Such an Ultra High Tech object or work of modern technological art draws its inspiration from the future to exist in the present.

Voxan inaugurates a new motorcycle architecture radically looking to the future with an aluminium “exoskeleton” chassis housing integrating all the components of the powertrain. It is accompanied to the rear by a new type of parallelogram-shaped four-link suspension (two dual oscillating arms) that creates an extension of the battery pack towards the rear axle. This horizontality gives the bike stability and elegance.

« This aluminium housing which encloses the battery is the motorcycle’s signature. You can tell from this design that it is an electric machine. ».

Sacha Lakic, designer

This results in a very pure motorcycle without visible technical features.

« Wattman is the embodied testimony to the love I have for the Motorcycle, this unique object that defies the laws of gravity and balance and provides an enjoyment that few dynamic engines can offer to their driver ».

Sacha Lakic

The markers of old generation motorcycles have disappeared in favour of a new, quieter, more technological yet equally emotional approach.

Some essential commonalities nevertheless exist between these two generations of motorcycles: the pleasure of driving, the sensation of extreme acceleration, the intoxication of freedom and of nonconformity, the unique pleasure of the fusion between man and machine and a pleasure that only a motorcycle with a strong personality can provide.

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